Sydney-based stylist and writer Anna Delprat has invaluable publishing experience. Beginning her career at some of Australia’s most prestigious lifestyle publications, Anna is currently Market Editor at Vogue Living magazine. Anna has worked with myriad world-class photographers, stylists, writers, editors, creative directors, florists, interior designers and architects.

She has studied at The University of Sydney, The Julian Ashton Art School and Billy Blue College of Design. Hailing from an artistic family, a creative career was always on the cards. Her great great grandfather Julian Ashton founded Sydney institution The Julian Ashton Art School in 1890, and is still operated by the family today, carrying on a rich, realist fine art traditions upon which it was founded.

Anna’s keen eye and natural affinity for composition, colour and design, combined with her sharp writing skills makes her the complete creative package. As well as being an experienced writer and stylist, she also produces social media and online content. Anna has extensive knowledge of interior design and art.

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